• Energy Star Criteria Is Changing

    Southern, South Central and North Central climate zones are lowering criteria on January 1, 2015. On January 1, 2016, criteria for the Northern climate zone will follow suit and be lowered too.

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  • Modern Spins

    Products that mix high end architecture specifications and contemporary aesthetics for the modern living space. Whether wood or aluminum, this is what you want and also what we want for you.

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  • Historical Series Aluminum Windows

    Across the country, razing age-old structures is out. Rehabbing and revitalizing is in. Quaker's family of Historical Series of products contains the unique features necessary for historical replication projects.

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  • Brighton Series Wood Windows

    Equipped with a unique jamb-liner system, Brighton Hung windows dramatically reduce infiltration by wind, heat and cold, without impeding the effortless function of the window.

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  • Manchester Series Vinyl Windows

    You needn’t sacrifice performance for aesthetics. Our Manchester vinyl windows have it all.

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Wood Window: A Smarter, Easier Way 

Buying windows and doors isn’t easy. Especially wood windows. Here at Quaker, we understand how important it is for you to select the right wood window. Click HERE to see THREE Things You Should Always Consider When Comparing Wood Windows.

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