February 2013 Keystone Award

A tireless worker Martha Dudenhoeffer has spent countless hours at Quaker Window Products over the past 55 years. Her quest for perfection is mirrored by a multitude of qualities, but the one that most exemplifies Martha is her bulldog determination to ensure that every payroll processes on time without errors. Over the years she became the identity of Quaker greeting every supplier or visitor and… holding thousands of orientations with new employees. Her work hours are legendary. She could be seen at Quaker seven days a week at odd hours of day or night doing whatever it took to get the job done. Martha truly exemplifies the core values that define Quaker. Congratulations Martha on receiving the Quaker Keystone Award for February 2013.

Keystone Award: Quaker is recognizing employee traits that exemplify the company’s Core Values. We will highlight an employee each month based on recommendations by managers, employees, reps and clients.