April 2013 Keystone Award

Virgil Struemph has personally built production dies for more than 100 different windows, each window having multiple dies. He not only is willing to do “whatever it takes”, he DOES whatever it takes to get the job done. One of his greatest assets is his ability to take a raw material dies and simply ask questions about where do you want material removed, where do you want holes, where do you want notches, etc. and then he builds the production dies that cut, notch, etc. so you end up with the material fitting together and making a window. With Virgil’s retirement this month he will have completed 58 years of service with Quaker Windows & Doors. His dedication, perseverance and just simply being Virgil is the standard that exemplify the Quaker Keystone qualities.

Keystone Award: Quaker is recognizing employee traits that exemplify the company’s Core Values. We will highlight an employee each month based on recommendations by managers, employees, reps and clients.