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September 2013 KeyStone Award

September 30, 2013

Ginger Rollins has been a part of the Quaker family for over 27 years.  She always goes above and beyond in doing the right thing for her customers and Quaker Window Products.   Quaker was recently awarded a very large vinyl window job that required 5” panning.  The plan was to mechanically attach the panning.  The […]

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The 6 Most Important Things to Remember When Comparing Wood Windows

September 10, 2013

1) START INSIDE: You’re looking at a wood window, so let’s begin with the most appropriate section…the wood interior. Most wood window manufacturers use a variation of pine as their standard species. Pine is a light-colored wood that accepts stain and paint well. Optional wood species are usually available but pine is by far the […]

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The 6 Most Important Thing to Remember When Comparing Vinyl Windows

September 4, 2013

1) UNDERSTAND THAT NOT ALL VINYL IS THE SAME:  Vinyl is either newly-made (a.k.a. Virgin vinyl) or re-ground (a.k.a. recycled). Both are virtually maintenance-free. But the make-up of the vinyl is not as important as the thickness of the vinyl. Vinyl thickness is a good gauge of quality. If cross-sections of the competing windows are […]

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