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My brother and I learned the window and door business from two individuals who understood the importance of personal service and superior craftsmanship: our parents, Harold and Marge Knoll, founders of Quaker Window Products Co. back in 1949.

They were big believers in learning the business from the ground up, so by the time my brother and I were in high school, we were already building windows, counting screws, making parts and loading trucks. As we were learning construction and installation, we were also observing the unique way our parents interacted with customers. We watched as they listened intently before suggesting doors and windows that would truly fit the lifestyle of the homeowner. We also observed how they would go out of their way to do a customer a favor.

It was this attention to detail and personalized service that created a legacy of lifelong customers. I, along with our top-notch management team, run Quaker the same way today.


Our wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and doors are still manufactured on-site in Freeburg, Missouri by an experienced workforce—many with over 60 years of Quaker service. Today these skilled craftsmen use the highest quality materials, as well as the most cutting-edge computer technology available and a testing facility to incorporate their expertise into every product we sell.

As technology has advanced, so have we, retooling our entire factory and adding automated production lines, computerized equipment and trucks. These enhancements have trimmed weeks off our lead time and deliveries while allowing us to maintain a superior level of craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere else.

Quaker Window Products Co.

Building Green for a Better Tomorrow

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Quaker has long been a proponent of “building green”. Our wood windows and doors have played a major role in helping many projects achieve LEED accreditation.* But it’s not just our products, it’s what goes on behind the scenes at Quaker that sets us apart.

  • Quaker has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2001, far longer than many other manufacturers.
  • We continually implement machinery in our manufacturing plants that lessen our waste of raw materials, such as glass, aluminum, vinyl, wood and paint.
  • Our new in-house paint line not only speeds up the painting process, it also uses less energy to run.
  • Aluminum cladding found on our wood windows and doors has a powder-coat paint finish, which offers several green advantages over conventional liquid coatings:
    • Powder coatings emit zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Powder coat lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings
    • Overspray from our powder coatings can be recycled and re-used, enabling us to use nearly 100 percent of the coating
  • The wood used in our windows and doors is supplied by Woodgrain Millwork, a company recognized for its good forestry management practices.
  • Our aluminum windows and doors, along with our exterior aluminum cladding on wood windows, contains a portion of recycled aluminum.
  • Our aluminum and glass scrap is regularly sold to recyclers for re-use.

Use of Quaker products does not guarantee LEED accreditation or Level Certification. Glass in our windows and doors is partially made of recycled glass.

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