Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s your official name?

A: The official name is Quaker Window Products Co. But we do use Quaker Windows & Doors for marketing purposes.


Q: How many manufacturing facilities does Quaker have?

A: All manufacturing facilities are in Freeburg, MO. There are two separate campuses; our window and door manufacturing plant and our glass production plant.


Q: Quaker manufactures windows and doors from what type of material?

A: Quaker makes windows and doors from all 3 of the major materials; aluminum, vinyl, and wood. We have 12 series products in total. For vinyl products, we have Manchester Series, Crusader Series and AdvantEdge Series. For wood products, we have Brighton Series, Historic Fit Series and Classic Fit Series. For aluminum products, we have Emerge Series, Impact Series, Keystone Series, Traditional Series, Historical Series and Blast Tested Series.


Q: My Quaker windows have condensation building up on them. What do I do?

A: It’s important to remember that condensation is a natural occurrence, which isn’t caused by windows, thus it can’t be prevented by windows. Window condensation is the result of excess humidity in your home. The glass only provides a cold surface on which humidity can visibly condense. Condensation usually occurs first on windows because glass surface have the lowest temperature of any of the interior surfaces in the house. When the warm moist air comes into contact with the cooler glass surface, the moisture condenses. Here we have 5 ways to reduce the humidity in your home. Please click here.


Q: Do any of Quaker’s windows and doors meet Energy Star® requirements?

A: Many of them do. If a Quaker product meets Energy Star® requirements, it will be denoted as you’re viewing the product’s standard features. For more information about the Energy Star® program, go to


Q: What is the warranty for Quaker windows and doors?

A: The warranted coverage periods vary depending on the product and the type of application they are installed.


Q: How to determine if a new wood patio door panel is a “Charge” item or a “No Charge/Warranty” item?

A: We have a list of checkpoints and guidelines to utilize when reviewing a possible warped panel in a Brighton wood patio door. Please click here.

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