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June 2015 Keystone Award

June 30, 2015

Werner Dallhammer came to Quaker about 5 years ago.  His attention to detail and unwavering quest for a great product led to his current role as a Quality Auditor in the wood department. Werner is relentless in pursuing good product quality. He is an auditor and a teacher, imparting wisdom to new and old team members […]

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May 2015 Keystone Award

May 30, 2015

Jason Schwartze has been with Quaker for over 18 years and has grown his role from draftsman to sales associate.  He now does quotes on Q1 as well as the take offs and elevations for our light commercial group. Jason is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his objectives and has become the […]

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April 2015 Keystone Award

April 30, 2015

Chris Sorbello is the painter in our wood product department and has been a member of the Quaker team for over 9 years. Through his perseverance and dedication our painted wood products has gone from the point where we were virtually ready to get out of the business to being touted as the best in […]

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March 2015 Keystone Award

March 31, 2015

Jim Arnold has been part of Quaker’s Delivery team for 36 year. He announced his retirement some time ago and Friday, March 27th was his last day with us. Jim and his yellow Quaker tractor trailer were together for more than a million miles, and it’s estimated that he also had more than a million […]

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February 2015 Keystone Award

February 28, 2015

Mr. Jeremy Sharp has worked for Quaker for over 10 years. Jeremy started as a production associate and has accepted increasingly more responsible positions culminating in his most recent role of manufacturing supervisor. Jeremy is an excellent employee that is dependable and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. More importantly […]

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December 2014 Keystone Award

December 29, 2014

Quaker has always been a part of our local communities and it is never more evidenced than by the first responders that we have as part of our team. First responders can’t change the course of an event, but their intervention helps things turn out for the better. They show up in the face of […]

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November 2014 Keystone Award

November 26, 2014

Ms. Donna Kesel has been on the Quaker Team for over 30 years. As a supervisor in the Thermal Fill Department, Donna has seen and been an integral part of the growth of Quaker. Most recently with the move to the new paint facility, Donna started up multiple pieces of new equipment and with her […]

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October 2014 Keystone Award

October 24, 2014

Mr. Duane “Jake” Wegman has been a key part of the Quaker team for over 10 years. With the title of “security” comes many different hats and Jake has worn them all with pride. He has taken on hundreds of projects and will not quit until he has resolution. Jake has become the “go to” […]

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September 2014 Keystone Award

September 24, 2014

Ms. Doris Ketcherside has been with Quaker for over 10 years. She is a model employee, always at work when she needs to be and always producing quality with her craftsmanship. Doris has worked on multiple vinyl lines over the years and always sets the standard for excellence. Her workmanship, her can do attitude and […]

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August 2014 Keystone Award

August 30, 2014

Rose Crowder quickly and quietly goes about her business on the aluminum slider line without missing a beat.  A Quaker family member for eight years, Rose has become an expert on her window.  She is always at work, in her department and knows all the jobs in her department.  Her willingness to take new employees […]

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