Energy Star 2016

Change Is In The Air  2016  (PDF) Energy Star Map

Energy Star criteria has been updated for 2016. The Northern Climate zone has implemented slightly stricter numbers than last year. All other zones remain the same.

With Quaker’s assistance, use Energy Star benchmarks to your advantage. Quaker’s collection of glass packages has all four Energy Star climate zones covered, so we already offer windows and doors meeting prestigious Energy Star standards.

Quaker offers you a good/better/even better/best array of glass packages with efficiencies designed to meet every echelon of energy-efficiency.


Energy Basic

Our basic, single-coat Low-E package. Very good overall U-Value and Solar Heat Gain coverage.


Energy 3S

Our best single-coat Low-E package. Very good U-Values and significantly better Solar Heat Gains.


Energy Plus

Two coats of Low-E. Fantastic U-Value and very good Solar Heat Gain performance.


Energy Max

Our top package for dual pane glass. Two coats of superior Low-E. Tremendous U-Values and Solar Heat Gains.

Pick your products, then choose the right glass package to meet the Energy Star levels for your area.


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