Quaker Vinyl AdvantEDGE E4 Window

There is reason to smile. The top vinyl replacement window on the market just got better!


The AdvantEDGE E4, Quaker’s newest generation of vinyl replacement windows, is changing everything. Whether you want improved energy-efficiency, increased home security and safety, a fresh new interior look, less noise intrusion, great curb appeal, or all of the above, the AdvantEDGE E4 Series will always meet your expectations.


  • The AdvantEDGE E4 is made up for 90% virgin vinyl to guarantee a long-lasting sheen and very little, if any, fading.
  • AdvantEDGE E4 vinyl walls are 20% thicker than other leading brands, ensuring a strong frame for long life and durability.
  • Air infiltration is minimalized with fin-seal weatherstripping.
  • A new, sleekly designed sweep and lock system enhances Quaker’s Triple-Safe locking System on single and double hung units.


  • Our full line of glass packages ensure ENERGY STAR compliance, no matter what part of the country you live.
  • A new, woodgrain interior laminate option is available for you if you want a rich, wood look in your vinyl windows.
  • More exterior colors than you’ll find anywhere, featuring our performance, heat-reflective paint. Our painted exterior is offered in a variety of popular colors plus we have custom color availabilities to match any exterior decor.


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