Vinyl Replacement Slider Window – AdvantEdge E4

Replacement Slider Window

AdvantEdgeE4 is anything but traditional. The “WOW’ possibilities are wide-ranging. It blends with any type of home exterior. You can embolden your windows and really make them pop by adding frame accessories such as panning or brickmold.

Standard Features


  • Energy Star® qualified
  • A large glass package selection, such as Energy Basic, Energy 3S, Energy Plus, Energy Max and Energy TG (triple pane glazing).
  • From 12 most popular colors up to unlimited options of exterior colors
  • Dark Oak Wood Grain interior color available.
  • Fusion welded corners
  • Foam wrap is applied to enhance energy efficiency
  • Each window comes complete with header expander, sill angle, and jambliner cover
  • Limited travel devices are available


AdvantEdge E4 Series Picture Windows are made to order with no standard sizes.



U-Value:  0.25 (with EnergyMax)
R-Value:  4.00 (with EnergyMax)
Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient: 0.21 (with EnergyMax)
Performance Rating: R-40, LC-25