7 Essentials to selecting the right wood window for your Home

Buying windows and doors isn’t easy, especially when it comes to finding the right Wood Windows. Here are 7 aspects of choosing wood windows that you are going to want to consider before your next project.

1. The Wood

This may seem like an obvious aspect to consider, but it isn’t quite as cut and dry as it may seem (pun intended). Make sure to ask your seller how much wood is actually in their wood window, how that wood is treated for long lasting performance, and if it is really even wood at all (or simply a composite).

2. The Paint / Finish

What colors are available from your window supplier? Are there limitations when it comes to what colors you are able to choose from? How is it painted?

Consider that Powder Coating is much more durable than traditional wet painting. It is made much thicker than liquid paint as well, which means fewer potential runs down the side of your window frame to keep an eye out for. Additionally, Powder Coating is eco-friendly, emitting near zero volatile organic compounds (aka VOC’s) into the air. There is also little to no waste with the product since over spray can be recycled and reused, as opposed to liquid paint which cannot be recycled and must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Is the paint prefinished or primed interior paint? What is the warranty on the paint if there are issues down the line?

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy Star is likely a name you are familiar with if you have ever bought products for your home. For windows and doors, however, Energy Star assigns distinct criteria levels for different parts of the country. Make sure that the windows you choose not only meet, but exceed the requirements for Energy Star ratings. This will not only save you money in the long run, but additionally provide improved home comfort, and reduce interior fading and condensation potential.

Low-E Coatings are another important factor to consider.

4. Muntins / Grids

No matter what you call them, their purpose is always the same, to enhance the look of your windows and doors. What patterns are available?

5. Hardware

Is it the first thing you see? What goes on behind the scenes? Education is key

6. Screens

Screens are all about three things, durability, visibility, and flexibility.

7. Exterior and Interior Trim

Help take your home to the next level by draping your windows and doors with interior and exterior accessory choices designed to add beauty and enhance your decor.