“The Next Evolution in Architectural Window and Door Technology”


OptiCore Patented Technology

OptiCore is Quaker Windows patented technology (with 16 unique claims) that defines the next evolution in window and door design and manufacturing. OptiCore “Enhanced Architectural Aluminum Frame” offers maximum thermal and structural performance, while allowing for application flexibility that is changing the face of architectural window design.

Architecturally Enhanced Aluminum

OptiCore’s patented design has been engineered to create a superior “Architecturally Enhanced Aluminum” window and door that maximizes thermal and structural performance, while minimizing size constraints of traditional thermally broken aluminum windows.

Thermal Performance

OptiCore’s evolutionary patented thermal alignment has been designed and engineered to maximize thermal performance “U-Value”. Whether it is a casement, awning, fixed or combination unit. OptiCore offers unparalleled thermal performance in an Architecturally Enhanced Aluminum window.

Dual Glazed 1” IG (Standard)

  • C600/CityLine Series “Aluminum Interior”
    • CA/AW                           0.25 U-Value
    • FXD                                  0.23 U-Value
  • W600/TimberLine Series “Natural Wood Interior”
    • CA/AW                           0.24 U-Value
    • FXD                                  0.22 U-Value


Triple Glazed 1 3/8” IG (Optional)

  • C600/CityLine Series “Aluminum Interior”
    • CA/AW                            0.19 U-Value
    • FXD                                   0.15 U-Value
  • W600/TimberLine Series “Natural Wood Interior”
    • CA/AW                            0.17 U-Value
    • FXD                                   0.14 U-Value


Structural Performance

Architectural windows are getting larger and must be designed and built to not only meet, but exceed performance expectations.  Tested performance is critical any project, that is why OptiCore windows are not just tested to AAMA minimum Gateway sizes, but undergo AAMA’s rigorous AW testing and certification process based on the Maximum sizes for each window or combination of windows to ensure long lasting performance.  OptiCore products utilize sealant injected double corner key construction for maximum corner joinery and frame strength.  This ensures superior performance while offering architectural design and combination flexibility to meet your project’s specifications.

Sound Transmission Performance

OptiCore’s patented window design utilize Azon’s Azo-Core thermal barrier system, has been engineered to improve Sound Attenuation for enhanced noise reduction.  Both the residential and commercial window series allow for up to 1-3/8″ glazing pocket for a variety of double and triple pane glass packages to enhance STC and OITC performance ratings.

IDEA Essentials

OptiCore’s IDEA “Innovative Design Enhanced Adaptability” Essentials offer inside and outside design flexibility to turn your vision into reality, without compromising on strength, durability and energy performance.

    • Interior and Exterior Options – OptiCore allows you to select the window and door interior to meet your project design need:
      • Natural Wood interior with Aluminum exterior cladding.
      • Painted or Class I Anodized Aluminum interior / exterior.
      • Two-Tone Aluminum interior option that allows you to mix interior and exterior colors.
    • Glass and Glazing – OptiCore windows have been designed with a standard exterior glazed 1″ pocket, with an option of up to a 1-3/8″ pocket for enhanced thermal and sound performance.  Other options include:
      • Triple-Glazed insulating glass option.
      • A variety of glass packages and combinations.
      • Internal GBG “Grids Between Glass” and SDL “Simulated Divided Lites”.
      • Square Glazed sash option – For a modern look that also simulates storefront.
      • Beveled Glazed sash option – For a more traditional / historic look.
    • Hardware – OptiCore was designed with with a dual Euro-Groove frame system to allow for a variety of standard and custom hardware options and adjustments.
    • Paint – OptiCore windows offer an unlimited variety of industry leading high-performance powder paint options to achieve the perfect interior and exterior look:
      • Standard high performance AAMA 2604 powder paint.
      • Optional AAMA 2605 enhanced performance powder paint.
      • Unlimited color options for interior and exterior finish.
      • Class I “Exterior Grade” Anodized Aluminum finish for superior long lasting anodized performance.

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