Project Profile: Kalahari Condominiums, Harlem, NY

Kalahari Condominiums, located in Harlem, NY, is named after southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert, and fittingly, it’s filled with African-influenced architectural and culturally appropriate decor. The structure has turned into a symbol of what has become known as the Second Harlem Renaissance.
The project was completed in 2007 and contains nearly 250 condo apartments for moderate income individuals and families.
Developers also incorporated many “Green” elements into the condos’ design to further enhance their marketability. One of those
elements was the use of expansive glass in the windows to allow for plenty of light. Quaker’s AW-rated Aluminum Sliding Windows were the choice – nearly 800 in total. The windows were specially manufactured with off-set centers for limited travel purposes.
Also used in the project were Quaker’s T400 Series venting windows. A custom silver color was added to blend into the building’s unique façade and a kynar finish was included to augment the finish’s durability. Along with the windows, Quaker supplied several dozen of our Terrace doors.