Project Profile: Hampton Inn & Suites, Alberta, Canada

Quaker’s footprint across the North American continent grew in 2014 as we supplied our windows to a new Hampton Inn & Suites being built in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Airdrie (pop. 42,000) is just north of Calgary, and lies about 210 miles north of the  Montana/Canadian border. A booming industrial city, Airdrie has basically tripled in size in the past 20 years so hospitality properties are becoming more common. Hampton Inn & Suites, a part of the Hilton Hotel chain, has employed Quaker windows in many of its new U.S. properties for many years. However, they had not used Quaker products in any of their Canadian properties.
Because of this, the developers had to make sure Quaker met the latest requirements set forth in the National Building Code of Canada before giving us the go-ahead. While code specifics can vary from province to province, the N.B.C.C. says the windows must be built to:

  • – Resist the ingress (way in) of precipitation
  • – Resist wind and snow load
  • – Control air leakage
  • – Resist the ingress of insects
  • – Where required, resist forced entry
  • – Be easily operable

Quaker’s window and door experts collaborated to find a product that would meet all of these specifications. The answer was our E300 Fixed Picture Window. These units, designed with a special weep system, met all of the ingress and air leakage requisites. Units needing louvers were factory-mulled for easy installation once delivered. Also requested by the owners was a glass package that gave them excellent SHGC. Quaker recommended a Low-E glass specially developed for the commercial building industry and designed for excellent solar gain. The result give the building top-notch thermal performance, certainly a welcome asset for the Great White North. More than 120 E300 Fixed units were delivered to the jobsite in March of 2014. The 4-story hotel opened in January of 2015.